For almost two decades, Steven Berry’s fingerprints were on multi-million dollar construction projects throughout Southeast Missouri. Of course, to anyone that knows him this is not new information- and definitely not a surprise. Growing up in rural Southeastern Missouri, Steven understood at an early age the value of personal relationships.“In a town of 15,000 people, everyone knows everyone and reputation is important,” Steven says of his hometown. “Your word is your bond, and integrity is paramount.”

Combining the appreciation for personal relationships, and the “attention-to-detail” attitude imparted in Steven by his service in the US Military became a solid foundation for a very successful career. Adding a degree in Civil and Construction would fuel the success Steven would experience, earning him notoriety and an extensive resume.

“After all those years of constantly being on the road, I realized the toll it had taken on not only me, but my family as well. Man, I was just tired.” Jennifer Berry approached her husband one day with a proposal concocted with the help of their two children: slow down and spend time at home.

“With Joe and Raychel about to spread their own wings, Steven didn’t need to devote so much time to travel anymore. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do, but we knew that it didn’t require my husband to be away from home as much.”

With years in executive property management, Jennifer had been exposed to countless types of residential and commercial real estate. Combining that experience with her hobby of Interior Design, Jennifer knew there must be something they could pour their energy into.

“When we purchased our home in Pensacola, the first thing I noticed were the HIDEOUS countertops in the home—and then it was like a light bulb went off for both of us.”

Jennifer’s knack for style and personal touch combined with Steven’s hands-on experience were soon the core ingredients for a recipe that would birth Atlas Decorative Concrete.

“Overseeing projects for large companies was great, but there’s something about being able to shake hands with a homeowner that drives me back to my roots, and that personal relationship that is so important to me,” Steven says. “When someone calls us, the first voice they hear is Jennifer’s. Everything rings to her cell phone, which is by design. We believe in being personal, and speaking directly with the owners of the company is important.”

From that point, homeowners can be briefed on the many services Atlas offers, and Jennifer will set up a consultation at no-charge. “When they call me, either myself or Steven will come to their home and spend some time with them, answering any questions they may have,” Jennifer added. “We don’t have ‘salespeople’ and don’t believe in being pushy.”

Give Steven or Jennifer a call today, and let them show you a no-obligation plan for upgrading your home into an investment that you’ll be pleased with. At Atlas, we’re turning houses into homes—one idea at a time.

- T.J. Armstrong - Jasper, AL