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Care for epoxy flooring

OOOOOH, epoxy floors! When properly installed, they will give you so many years of flooring bliss! They are beautiful and make you smile every time you walk in and see them greeting you from a long day! Now that you have your floor (or are seriously considering having one installed), how do you care for it?

It's EASY!

Epoxy floors are a "liquid floor" that once cures hardens and gives you an amazing surface. We like to top coat our epoxy floors with urethane. This will help protect the epoxy and make it more slip and scratch resistant.

Sweep and mop your floor for general cleaning. Use ph neutral cleansers (such as Mr. Clean or my favorite, purple Fabuloso) diluted in water.

If you get micro scratches in your floor, don't panic! Clean your floor and then use a high traffic floor polish. Sounds fancy and complicated, but it's not. I'm going to walk you through the steps now:

Supplies you need:

Floor wax (I recommend Zep High Traffic Floor Polish) and a microfiber mop.

You can pick these up from Amazon or then next time you are strolling through Home Depot, they are in the cleaning section.

Starting by the wall, pour out a ribbon of wax. It will be milky white. Blot your mop head into it to get it wet and then work your way across the floor, spreading it evenly. You want a nice, thin coat. Continue until you have finished the room. Let it dry, it will normally be dry in half an hour. Once dry, repeat with another thin coat. I generally like to put 3 coats on an epoxy floor. This will help fill in the scratches and give it a beautiful shine. As a bonus, it is another layer of protection for your floor!

Waxing is just an "as needed" step. I generally wax my epoxy floors every 6 months or so.

Do you have questions about caring for your epoxy floor? Contact us, we are always happy to help!

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