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Epoxy Floors May Not Be Right For You

If you follow us (and thank you for following us), you know that we do a lot of gorgeous epoxy floors. They are always unique and tailored to our client's taste. However, they are not for everyone.

Let's talk about people that they are not an ideal choice for....

If you are someone who expects symmetry, they are not a great choice. Each floor is a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art. These floors are for people who love variation and can appreciate artistry. They are not bothered by variations in color, they welcome it as part of the overall look.

If you are a micromanager, this is not a good floor for you. We need space to work this magic. Epoxy is very sticky until it dries, you will not be able to get out on it to inspect during the process. You have to trust that we will take the design consultation we had with you and transform your floor into a beautiful space you will be proud of.

If you love to clean grout lines, this is not a good floor for you. I know, you are rolling your eyes right now BUT there are people who pride themselves on those tile lines being sparkling clean. There are no grout lines with a seamless epoxy floor. By the same token, if you get excited when you see a scratch in a hard wood floor because you can't wait to fill it, these are not the floors for you. We use a top coat that is very scratch resistant!

If you are anxiously awaiting the next flood so you can change out your flooring, this is not the floor for you. Epoxy floors are permanent and can withstand abuse. Unless the foundation is blown away, chances are your floor will still be there waiting for you when you return!

Epoxy floors are for people who want a beautiful, resilient and easy to clean surface that they can be proud to show off to family and friends. They are for people who want the sparkle and shine of a gleaming floor. They are not afraid of what someone else thinks of their color choices and they love walking on this gorgeous surface everyday. Are you a good candidate for an epoxy floor? Call us and we can talk about your vision! We always give free estimates and design consultations!


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